About Coteries

Coteries are intimate groups of women who meet regularly to share their goals and

discuss ways of supporting each other so that each member grows & ultimately wins!


How to Start a Coterie

Starting a circle is your city is easy! Studies show that people benefit more about of learning

in smaller more intimate groups. Gather 8-10 women who you feel will benefit from a Coterie

and schedule to get together regularly. Coteries can be at your home, during your lunch hour,

after work in the park sessions, or can even be virtual meet-ups from women all over the

world. Each Coterie will be given meeting guides, activities, and tools every month to ensure

all Coteries world wide are learning and growing together.


Find a Coterie

Today we have Coteries in New York City, Johannesburg, and Harare! Use our search tool to

find Coteries near you. If you can't find one, this is a great opportunity for you to start a

Coterie in your city!