My Body, My Temple

Via Black Girl in Om...

"As a black woman, I've grown up hearing conflicting messages about my body: that it's something to take pride in, but also something to be ashamed of." — Abena Boamah (@beanieboamah) in What We're Loving Lately: Our Bodies
Does this resonate with you? Share your experience below. Ya'll know we had to end Women's History Month on a powerful note. Click on the #linkinbio to hear thoughts on self-preservation as black women, and the embodiment of Rebel Womanhood, from Abena, Zakkiyyah Najeebah (@zakkiyyah.najeebah), and Lauren Ash (@hellolaurenash). Our Art Director Deun Ivory (@deunivory) serves beautiful visual magic that reminds us all to embrace, study, and celebrate the bodies we occupy | #BGIO

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